Vision Statement:

A foundation of life At Mohsin School We believe That learning should be fun, purposeful and Challenging. Through our effective curriculum we Aim to Equip every child with the skills they need for life long learning. We aim to develop confident learners, who take ownership from their learning and will enjoy of their acheivements. our shared vision includes attaining the highest possible outcomes for all our children where inclusion of all learners is a central goal. We seek to provide all our learners with the best possible start to life and we will aim to act as a conduit for the necessary support services wherever possible. We embrace the principles of 'Every Child Matters' and extented services and will work towards these Goals.

Mission Statement:

Our aim is to groom your child for here and hereafter English communication skills, General Knowledge, Islam ethics, Quran, Ahadees, and computer studies are the main core principles for the Mohsin School System.Children will thrive in a secure and caring atmosphere where high standards of behavior, social and academic aceivements are paramount.

All memebers of the school community including pupils and staff, Governers and Parents, recognized that they hold a stake in Mohsin School System; they are committed to establishing a life-long learning, enabling our children to take their place confidently within a rapid changing world.

Values: our shared values are

In order to acheive this we will:

Provide a happy, Secure, healthy and attractive anvironment;

Knowledge, experience and understanding of the world in which they live;

Self respect and a beleif in their own abilities

An understanding of right and wrong, self discipline and respect for the rights and needs of others and for the environment.

Work with Parents as partners's in their children education.

Encourage and support the continuing professional development of all our staff.

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